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Besides the beauty of the bride and the groom, there are so many things that go into making a wedding day special; amongst all the essential elements is a documentary-style wedding photographer. BK Photography is an industry-leading, full-time Scotland-based wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience near Glasgow and Loch Lomond. 

Having photographed Scotland weddings of all shapes and sizes, capturing both candid moments and magical moments of your special day is my forte. As a leading wedding photographer in Scotland, it is my utmost responsibility to photograph the incredible moments of your Scottish wedding, destination wedding or elopement! I pride myself on my photography style; as a wedding photographer based in Scotland, I would be delighted and honoured to capture your unforgettable moments.

My Five Favourite Things

There are five things I like to build into each and every wedding.

Capturing the Moment

With emotions running high on your big day, I pride myself on capturing well-timed and high-resolution wedding photos of moments from the entire day that will be cherished forever. Timing is everything when it comes to documentary wedding photography. Also, because of my experience, I know how a wedding works, so I know where to be at the right time to take the right pictures.
BK Photography captures the wedding moments in Glasgow & Scotland
Vibrant & Stylish Wedding Pictures by BK Photography

Vibrant & Stylish Imagery

I use my experience, skills, vision and professional equipment to bring the real moments of your wedding day photography to another level. I use my experience to be at the right place at the right time, what I believe to be the best in camera equipment to capture your day, and I edit every picture to produce vibrant and visually creative prints.

Friendly & Unobtrusive

I am married, I have children, and I like people. I am a people person. I also want to think of myself as part of your wedding day, and doing this allows me to blend in and capture those precious moments as and when they happen.

Friendly and unobtrusive Wedding Pictures by BK Photography
Relaxed posing for your Wedding Pictures by BK Photography

Relaxed Posing

A wedding is a happy occasion, and as your photographer, I want to enjoy myself as much as you. It’s your day so you can relax as you want to be, and if you’re going to do something a bit more special, then I’m full of ideas and would be happy to listen to your ideas as well. Anything to make your pictures unique and truly special.

Experience & Passion

With nearly twenty years of experience as a professional photographer working in many different fields of the photographic industry, I like to bring all of my knowledge and skills to the forefront of every wedding. I want to think that my passion and love for what I do shows in my work.

Experience and passion is the driving force behind BK wedding Photography


One Final Thing…

I’ve listed my five favourite things, but there’s one other thing that I wanted to say because I feel it’s essential. I am a full-time photographer because this was my career choice, and I even went to college to learn my trade. I’m not one of those guys who bought a camera as a part-time income booster.

What I want to tell you is that I’m in it for the long haul. I’m not one of these here today gone tomorrow kind of guys or one of those photographers who book your wedding and then gets someone else to photograph it. BK Photography is my name, and my guarantee to you is that I am proud of what I do, proud of the pictures I capture and proud to work with each couple who wants me to be THEIR wedding photographer. There. I said it.


Some of BK’s favourite Wedding Venues in and around Glasgow

These are some of my favourite weddings and a few stories to go with them.

Wedding Albums & Prints by BK Photography

Besides my creative wedding photography, I also offer beautiful wedding albums and prints. I believe that weddings albums and prints will keep your memories alive for ever, which is why I offer them to each and every couple.

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