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Why I think wedding photography, prints & albums are important.

Seems like in this digital age where most of our photographs, music, and communications live on hard drives. It’s nice to actually hold something tangible in our hands. While I don’t fully subscribe to what Vint Cerf said. I do believe in printing photographs so they can be enjoyed by everyone without the aid of a digital device. There is something special about digging out your old photographs.

My brothers and I were fortunate that our Mum documented a great deal with photographs. Nothing quite like a photograph to kick start our memory or being able to see images from a time before we were born. It’s almost surreal to look at a photograph of my Gran as a teenager. An amazing woman who will be 99 in a few months time. Weddings are perfect for having printed images close to hand. You have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to gather your friends and family to witness and be a part of a very special time of your lives. Almost nothing can freeze time quite like a camera. Add context and meaning into the mix and you have something worth cherishing for a very long time.

A popular way of delivering wedding photographs at the moment is with a USB drive. Nothing wrong with that although it used to be on CD not that long ago… remember those? Digital devices don’t age well as you may know but your photographs do. Even ones that start to fade like our recollections look pretty cool and some photographers nowadays like to add this effect to their post processing. Therefore, I hope for those who decide not to get an album or prints from me go out and get something printed for themselves. At the very least print off a couple for your Mother if you can, I know she’ll appreciate it.

If you are looking for a creative, experienced and relaxed wedding photographer, then lets chat as I would love to hear from you.


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