Carnbooth House Hotel Wedding Photographer by BK Photography


Carnbooth House Hotel is a great venue to work at as a wedding photographer. First of all, it’s a fantastic looking country house hotel. Just to make it better, it’s located in the city of Glasgow.

Louise and Allan wedding day started with the preparations. St Andrews Cathedral was the setting for the ceremony. Not to be mix up with the other famous namesake. The iconic building has huge inside and will impress anyone. After the couple had tied the knot and had some portraits, We moved on to the hotel, which was a short drive away.

Carnbooth House Hotel is just six miles from the city center. This stunning mansion has a countryside mansion feel to it. Great for a short stroll around the gardens to have your photographs taken. Not only were the settings good looking. The couple looked the part in their wedding attire. The bride’s dress was handmade in India and it has a certain Asian look. A contemporary kilt was worn by the groom.

So, if you are booked in at Carnbooth House Hotel in Glasgow and you’re looking for a wedding photographer I would especially love to hear from you. Please visit my contact page HERE. Hope to hear from you soon