University of Glasgow Wedding Photographer by BK Photography


Are you getting married at the University of Glasgow and looking for a wedding photographer? Hopefully, you will consider hiring me. My style of photography is bright and vibrant. I like to enjoy myself as much as you on your special day. Many past clients have mentioned how my laid back attitude helped relaxed them.

The beautiful and peaceful chapel at Glasgow University is a very special venue. It is one of the few locations in Scotland where marriages in the Protestant or Reformed and Roman Catholic faiths can be celebrated. With its chapel, the architecture, its history and its cloisters, it is a place where wedding pictures can be so special. Lauren and David’s wedding at the University of Glasgow was such a great day. The weather and setting were perfect. We had a great time exploring and taking pictures around the grounds of the famous University. I would love to shoot a wedding here again. These are just a small selection of wedding pictures from one of my recent weddings.

So, if you are booked into the University of Glasgow and you’re looking for a wedding photographer I would especially love to hear from you. Please visit my contact page HERE. Hope to hear from you soon