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Are you getting married at the University of Glasgow and looking for a wedding photographer? Hopefully, you will consider hiring BK Photography. Known best for bright and vibrant photography. The University of Glasgow is the perfect setting to achieve this. In addition to this all couples comment on how relaxed they felt at their wedding. I like to enjoy myself as much as you on your special day. Therefore if you want to enjoy yourselves you want to make sure you hire the right wedding photographer. It’s not just about the photos.
The beautiful and peaceful chapel at Glasgow University is a very special venue. It is one of the few locations in Scotland where marriages in the Protestant or Reformed and Roman Catholic faiths can be celebrated. With its chapel, the architecture, its history and its cloisters. Therefore, it is a place where wedding pictures can be so special. Caroline and Gerry’s wedding at the University of Glasgow was such a great day. The weather and setting were perfect. We had a great time exploring and taking pictures around the grounds of the famous University. Needless to say, I love the University of Glasgow as a wedding photographer. Everywhere you look there is beauty and history. It certainly makes my job a lot easier. Finally, we went to Trades Hall in Glasgow for the wedding reception. Another grand building with a lot of history. I feel especially grateful to be a part of these special days. These are just a small selection of wedding pictures from one of my recent weddings there.
So, if you are booked into the University of Glasgow and you’re looking for a wedding photographer I would especially love to hear from you soon. Click on the button below or HERE to get in touch to find out more.

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