The Torrance Hotel is a great place for wedding photographers. This wonderful wedding venue is situated near Glasgow and boasts some beautiful rooms to host your special day.

I was glad Laura and Grant asked me along to capture their day. Both of them were fun and wedding photographers love a fun loving couple. These guys were a joy to be around. Throughout the day, into the night, there were a ton of laughs. Not even the rain could dampen their spirits.

Initially, they had contacted me after attending a wedding I had photographed for a friend, which you can see HERE. I love it when someone has seen you working and then seen the photographs and decide to hire you for their wedding. Feels like I’m doing something right when that happens!

The couple also decided to shoot an engagement session. This is a great way to get used to being in front of the camera. We get to know each other and I usually print a book of your favourite images. Lots of my couples will use it as a guest signing book. The book is a nice personal touch to your day. It also serves the purpose of getting to know each other a little better. You’ll often find people are a bit nervous while having their picture taken. Since wedding nerves are usually there, for better or worse. It can sometimes take a while to relax or even a sneak preview to help put them at ease. Getting those natural and relaxed moments is something that is very important to me. You can see the images from their book HERE.

Below are a bunch of photographs from their wedding day. If you’re looking for photographers for your wedding at The Torrance Hotel, please get in contact HERE. I would love to hear from you.



The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-001 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-002 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-003 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-004 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-005 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-006 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-007 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-008 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-009 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-010 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-011 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographers-012 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-013 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-014 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-015 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-016 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-017 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-018 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-019 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographers-020 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-021 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographers-022 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-023 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-024 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-025 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-026 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-027 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-028 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-029 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-030 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-031 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-032 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-033 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographers-034 The-Torrance-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-035


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