A wedding on the Isle of Lewis is a wedding photographer’s dream.

Scotland’s islands are known throughout the world for their natural beauty. It’s always a great feeling when a fellow wedding photographer asks you to photograph their own wedding. To have someone who knows the wedding industry so well, choose you over other wedding photographers, is an honour.

I travelled up to The Outer Hebrides for Joanna and Paul’s wedding in Lewis. Known for its beautiful white beaches and of course, it’s wonderful black pudding! Fortunately, the couple had organised for us to travel down to the beach to take a bunch of photographs. With the sun shining down on the beach it could have easily doubled for its Caribbean counterpart. Another thing that struck me was how friendly everyone was that we met, they could not have been any kinder.

For the reception, we all went to the Cabarfeidh Hotel which is just one mile from the town centre. There we ate, danced and laughed for the rest of the evening. The staff at the venue made sure everything ran smoothly. Friendly people seem to be par for the course in the Isle of Lewis!

I would also like to thank Ian from Ian Arthur Photography for helping second shoot the wedding, a talented photographer and an all-round good guy. Hopefully, I can book another wedding up there as I would love to return. Below are some of my favourite images from their day.

Needless to say, I would jump at the chance to be a wedding photographer in the Isle of Lewis if the opportunity arose again.  If you fancy some fun, relaxed and vibrant photography for your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can start the ball rolling by going HERE to contact me. Hopefully, hear from you soon.



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