This was my first time shooting a wedding at Balbirnie House Hotel. As a wedding photographer, I love shooting at a venue for the very first time.

I know some couples are a bit worried about having a photographer with no previous experience photographing at their venue. As I travel quite a bit to capture weddings, turning up to a new location isn’t new or a problem for me. I find the new surroundings really inspiring and it really helps with creativity on the day. I will also say it’s people that make the images so special, the venue is secondary to that in my opinion.

Louise and Baden travelled all the way from  Bermuda to quite literally tie the knot in the heart of Fife. The weather wasn’t exactly what you would find in the Somers Isles but it didn’t dampen spirits on the day. I will mention that people don’t normally come to Scotland to get married because of the weather!

The bride looked gorgeous in her white dress. It was also great to see the groom who is from England don a kilt for his big day. It’s safe to say, everyone, I have ever seen wear one looks very dapper. These days there is a wide range of different tartans to choose from so I’m sure you could find at least one you like.

Like the other weddings, I’ve had the pleasure to attend, capturing the speeches and dancing, was a highlight. Some photographers don’t stay around to photograph this section of a wedding day but I think that is a big mistake. Shooting a mock cake cutting and first dance is sadly lacking and something I would advise against. From the emotion of the speeches to the craziness of the dancing it really does make for some fantastic photographs.

So if you fancy some fun, relaxed and vibrant photography for your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can start the ball rolling by going HERE to contact me. Hopefully hear from you soon.



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